295 Tenants Ring in the Year with Newness

January got off to a fast start for four home textiles manufacturers who make 295 Fifth Avenue their home in New York. Welspun, Trident, Indo Count and Textrade were all exhibitors at the Heimtextil fair in Frankfurt, Germany this month. And each came armed with new stories to present to global buyers. Welspun Welspun introduced […]

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Smart Textile Applications

Are Smart Textiles the Future of Fabric?

In recent years, smart textiles have been recognized as one of the next big things in wearable, smart technology. Experts believe smart textiles will soon join the various smart products many of us use on a daily basis, while also providing value in industrial, medical and other professional applications. Smart textiles operate in a similar […]

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The History of New York Textile Month

With diverse uses ranging from clothing to architecture and more, textiles have been a core staple of humanity for thousands of years. The innovative minds of humans have incorporated unique textiles into many marvels of the modern world, but rarely do we stop to appreciate textiles in their rawest form. While New York City begins […]

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What Is a Home Textile?

What Is a Home Textile?

The term “textile” originally referred to any woven fabric; today the phrase is used to cover a wide range of synthetic and organic fibers, filaments and yarns. “Home textiles” specifically refer to any textile used for home furnishing. There are an extensive number of home textiles available in order to meet the needs of manufacturers […]

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Mohawk showroom

Showroom Spotlight: Mohawk Industries

Today, Mohawk Industries is recognized as one of the most-used, top-brand and environmentally responsible flooring manufacturers worldwide. With flooring solutions for both commercial and residential applications, it’s not hard to see why Mohawk became so popular. Starting as a private company in 1875, here’s a short history of how the flooring manufacturer became the public […]

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Clothe Yourself in Cool

Clothe Yourself in Cool

Nothing is worse in summer than wearing clothing advertised as being designed to keep you cool, yet only makes you feel hotter. Whether you’re wearing a tank top or summer shorts, clothing on skin can accumulate sweat, making you feel clammy and miserable. Here are some great fabrics to wear to keep yourself cool in […]

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Global History of Textiles | 295 Fifth Avenue

A Global History of Textiles

Humans have been producing textiles for thousands of years. Without the skills needed to create textiles from animal and plant fibers, humanity as we know it may not exist in any form we would find recognizable. Textile making, however, didn’t just begin with clothing.

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Visiting New York City | 295 Fifth Avenue

Visiting the Big City

New York City is a place of endless possibilities, and for first-time visitors it can be an intimidating place to navigate. Here are some must-see places and things to do in New York City to help make your first trip memorable.

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