About 295 Fifth Avenue

Textile Machine Elevator Detail from Interior of 295 Fifth Avenue NYC 295 Fifth Avenue was built in 1920 and has been known since as “The Textile Building”. For over 90 years, we have been providing the Home Textile Industry with top notch showrooms to better serve your business’s needs. Currently we are the home of several of the home textile industries leaders such as: J. Franco & Sons, Mohawk Homes, Town & Country Linens, Welspun U.S.A. and many more.

Our showrooms are leased only to the home textile industry and with over 150 companies calling 295 Fifth Avenue their homes, we are proud to say we have over double the number of showrooms than any other New York City building has to offer and are New York’s #1 showroom building for the home textiles industry.

Why Choose 295 Fifth Avenue?

Because it’s New York’s #1 showroom building for the home textiles industry.

  • Exterior of the Textile Building | 295 Fifth Avenue NY We lease only to the home textiles industry—and have more than double the number of home textile showrooms than any other building
  • We will not lease temporary space for Market Week, which protects your investment
  • Large meeting / event hall available upon request
  • We have 8 computerized passenger elevators to provide you with the best elevator service
  • We have 2 freight cars for tenant convenience, running 8 A.M. – 5 P.M. (Monday thru Friday)
  • We have advance security system technology and lobby security to keep you safe